Wetstock Management

Wetstock Live™ - The smartest wetstock intelligence

When the high cost of fuel and low margins are considered, continuous fuel leak detection in the form of statistical inventory reconciliation (SIR) is a business tool no commercial fuel retailer or user can afford not to use.

PetroMonitor offers the most precise, practical and cost-effective wetstock management solutions for fuel leak detection to most accurate detection with exclusive access to Leighton O’Brien International Pty Ltd Wetstock Live™ technology.

Wetstock Live™ provides real-time, accurate and actionable network-level wetstock information for all brands of equipment. It unifies all elements of wetstock including ATG accuracy and functionality, pump flow rates and pump accuracy, delivery validation, wetstock replenishment and water ingress onto one software platform.

How it works

Our wetstock management service is built on statistical analysis of normal fuel stock data such as sales, deliveries, and stock-on-hand (dips). These figures are recorded for certified leak detection using SIR in monthly, daily or real-time analysis.

Key features & benefits

  • Leak detection: Certified as the most accurate provider of fuel data analysis and reporting, our expert wetstock analysts detect fuel losses as low as 0.45 litres per hour with greater than 99.6% accuracy.
  • Dispenser performance: Live pump flow rate monitoring of all dispensers regardless of brand, with live detection and data reporting of any reduced flow dispensers;
  • Meter drift analysis: Drifting meters is a primary cause of fuel loss. Meter drift is monitored and assessed for the accuracy of dispensing, we also assess meter downtime, and dispensers not in operation are identified for action;
  • Water management: Live network monitoring of water levels and analysis of any water ingress;
  • ATG monitoring: Continuous accuracy and assessment of all brands of gauges at a network level – remote tank monitoring, live management and correction of all ATG’s to an accuracy of 0.3% of delivered volume;
  • Delivery validation: Every delivery in your network is assessed to an accuracy of 0.3%. Virtually eliminating short deliveries, and holding your transport company to account;
  • Hose-to-tank mapping: Analysis of 1 billion possible permutations to achieve correct pump tank mapping, correct POS configuration issues and understand every single loss and gain.

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