Tank and Pipe Integrity Testing

Fast, accurate digital leak detection

Traditionally, tank integrity testing is used to meet legal requirements and regulations or react to a problem onsite. This approach is changing. Tank and line testing carried out by PetroMonitor can be used to prevent costly maintenance and repairs. With early detection, leaking underground storage tanks can be acted upon quickly to prevent costly fuel loss and environmental liability.

PetroMonitor offers a nationwide tank and line integrity testing service that utilizes US EPA-certified technology from Leighton O'Brien International Pty Ltd. Mass readings are digitally measured, stored and reported, making it a fully-automated, reliable and accurate test.

Our test also provides instant technician feedback, enabling quicker onsite diagnosis and resolution of leaks, so we can be off your site faster. And unlike other test methods, our precision test is not impacted by temperature, atmospheric conditions, vapour pockets or ambient noise.

There is no fuel leak scenario that our test method cannot detect.

How it works

The test is a mass-based volumetric tightness test that records continuous readings from all parts of the underground storage tank and associated pipework, providing real-time feedback on system integrity.

Key features & benefits

  • The fastest, most advances leak detection for fuel systems
  • Eliminate 100% of fuel leaks and water ingress
  • The world’s only US EPA-certified dry line test
  • Line test results in as little as 3 mins, tank test in 1 hour
  • 100% independent 3rd party engineer-reviewed results

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