Tank Cleaning and Fuel Polishing

Resolves fuel contamination issues

Modern fuel formulations can have a devastating impact on the health of underground storage tanks and fuel quality. PetroMonitor provides a comprehensive solution for tank and fuel cleaning by removing contamination and free water from underground fuel storage tanks, as well as a patented process for restoring contaminated fuel and remediating phase separation.

Unlike other underground storage tank cleaning companies, our state-of-the-art cleaning technologies from Leighton O’Brien International Pty Ltd sweep the entire tank floor to remove contamination and free phase water from the tank. This patented process restores and returns 100% of the useable fuel.

How it works

Our services include a comprehensive 3-stage tank clean and fuel polishing process. We also provide a full service report including fuel quality check and fuel inspection report on all tanks.

Key features & benefits

  • Remove and remediate 100% of free water, phase separation and contamination issues
  • Eliminate bacteria and microbial growth and prevent regrowth
  • Clean the entire tank floor and 100% of fuel without manned entry
  • Most issues resolved in less than a day
  • Save lost revenue through the safest, most-effective cleaning technology

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