UST Installation Integrity Testing

The world's most accurate tank & line test

Most fuel storage system issues including water ingress, small leaks and weeps from pipes, fittings and vents stem from the date of the original tank installation. These issues are often too difficult to address after commissioning, resulting in costly maintenance issues over the life of the asset.

PetroMonitor offers the world’s most accurate tank and line test for new underground storage tank (UST) installations or following repair, maintenance or upgrade of an existing UST. We utilise US EPA-certified technology from Leighton O’Brien International Pty Ltd to detect ullage leaks equivalent to 0.095 litres per hour, making it 4 times more accurate than the current USA required fuel leak detection.

How it works

Our testing process guarantees a perfectly tight UST, meaning zero water ingress, zero leakage, zero vapour loss from tank and line system breaches of any kind, and eliminates vapour emissions.

Key features & benefits

  • Identifies water ingress, manway leaks, primary and secondary piping issues often missed by pressure gauge tests
  • All lines can be tested including product lines, vent lines and filler lines
  • 3rd party independent testing
  • Ensures a 100% leak-free system from Day 1

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